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Conversations with my IT staff have always been a frustrating experience because of the disconnect between business objectives and the technology being employed to achieve those objectives. Because of the complexity with the ever evolving technology landscape, it is difficult to tell if the IT staff are providing real solutions or just selling the latest and greatest technology, without any regard to the real needs of my business.

I appreciate the Technology Minded team’s approach to explain technologies so that I can understand them, make sure I understand the impact of the various options, and help guide me to the solution best fitted for my business. The Technology Minded team provides a perspective that business owners and executives need to make strategic technology decisions.

Bart Leininger

Principal, Ashworth Leininger Group, Environmental Services

I’ve known the principles behind Technology Minded for over 30 years. They are business people that understand both the language of tech and of commerce; technology experts that are equally business experts. I’ve found them to have a unique skill set – integrating the languages of business and technology to be clear, succinct, and articulate.

I’ve always found that those that really know what they are talking about can explain it quickly, and avoid confusion. That’s why I appreciate their explanations, and how it applies to my interests.

Bruce Friedman

President, Evergreen Consumer Brands (Lavoris, Silkience, Tame, etc...); President and Director, PartMiner, -details-

Over the past three years, I’ve benefitted from the explanations, and thoughts of strategic use of technology from the principles behind Technology Minded. Immediately after winning the election to City Council, I was assigned to our city’s Technology Committee with the task of determining the possibilities of using technology to benefit our city, residents and businesses. Obviously, discussion on issues like broadband and wireless, not to mention the possibility of trenching every street within the city limits to lay fiber, launched me into unfamiliar territory — seemingly as big as the universe itself.

From the onset, the explanations I received became an ongoing reliable source for information … presenting the magnitude of complexities in a way that was not only digestible, but also allowed me to understand all the relationships among technologies, and their application. I cannot imagine navigating these issues without these explanations — I highly recommend you take advantage of them as well.

Brad Halpern

Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Westlake Village

I’ve never had any trouble thinking strategically. It is the implementation, particularly when utilizing technology, that is usually the most difficult. The communication gap, between non-technical staff who are responsible for executing the plan and the technology savvy who control the tools necessary for success, is actually closer to a chasm than it is a gap.

I found the solution in Neil Ticktin and the Technology Minded team. Not only are they completely adept at being able to listen to the non-technical issues, understand what is needed and speak to the non-techs in an easy to understand way. But they are as comfortable in thinking strategically, as they are in using technological solutions to make it happen including explaining the business side to techs involved.

In my over 40 years in business, I can only count on one hand the people I’ve found that have this unique and invaluable talent. How much money have you wasted on creating technologic solutions in search of the real problem? None with Neil and his team.

Don Rosenberg

Executive Consultant; Formerly at Miramax, Questex Media, Random Media, -details-

I was very reluctant to be involved with any type of tech seminar, as technology is simply over my head. I feel I’m passed that stage in life that I am comfortable trying to learn new technology. I am resigned to have the I.T. staff and consultants do the job and hope that it’s done right. When IT staff or technical people try to explain what they are doing, I pretend that I know what they are talking about. 

Well… times are changing now, and the solution is Technology Minded seminars. I can say that their approach allows me to understand in a way that I can actually use the information in my daily use. I am not “snowed” by I.T. anymore. I even know how to engage them so they explain what they are doing. 

Technology Minded provides me with tools to learn technology and practice it in my day to day use. I have met people like myself and others that are more knowledge that I network with. The experience of this understanding and what it has enabled me to do is beyond what I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend this type of event for not only executive management but for middle level as well. It’s lost opportunity if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity — you won’t regret attending.

Barry S. Steinhardt

President, Board of Directors, Gateways Hospital