New York


About the Event

Date: September 17, 2019
Time: All Day. See Detailed Schedule.
   Registration at 9:30am
   Sessions start at 10am. Day ends by 6pm.

Skyline Hotel
725 10th Ave
New York NY 10019

Sessions Chair: Neil Ticktin

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Buzzwords. Trends. Overwhelmed?

No matter what the trend, how often it changes, or the latest buzzwords — technology can be overwhelming if it’s not one of your personal core competencies. To ignore it is dangerous. To follow it blindly is risky. You need to understand enough, at a high level, to know how it impacts your organization.

That’s what Technology Minded events are all about. Real world technology discussions in non-technical terms.

Fad or Effective?

So often, technology is pursued for technology sake, and organizations cycle through it as if the latest fad will guarantees success. The issue is making real strategy and business practice blossom by embracing technology as a tool, rather than the answer.

Technology Minded events are there to not only help your leaders understand the tools in non-technical terms, but put them in an environment to help see using technology as tools in pursuit of a strategy.

Anyone can talk at you. We'll talk with you.

Often, conversations about technology focus on technical details instead of the big picture, impact, and risk associated with it. It may be hard to see the incredible opportunities, or dangers, simply because of a disconnect between management and those that provide technology.

Our experience comes from explaining technology to those that aren't technical. Our team has regularly appeared on live mass media outlets: everything from frequent on-air and in studio interviews at KNX 1070 (AM radio in Los Angeles), to CNBC, to CBS National News. We've created publications to technology markets, and provided background and content for countless news organizations including Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Our stable of over 400 speakers includes subject matter experts, industry experts, and leaders. Let us match the right ones to you.

But don't take our word for it, see what C-Level executives and senior management say about their experience with us.