About Technology Minded Events

Technology Minded Events are one-day events with a specific focus on the needs of senior management that needs to know about technology, but is not technical. These events are specifically designed for those that think strategically, from a business point of view, and want to not just brainstorm with peers, but understand issues using English, not jargon.

Since 1992, Event International's team has been putting on events of all types with specific experience in explaining concepts in ways that people can understand. Technology Minded Events are the next incarnation of Event International’s successful one-day, single-track, regional hotel-based seminars.

Included: Packed schedule. Sessions. Expert speakers. Anonymous question opportunities. Lunch and breaks.

Upcoming Events!

There’s a Technology Minded Event coming to your region with events around the U.S. Drop us a note to find the city or date that’s most convenient for you.